In 2009, while working on an old house, we discovered a child's bank filled with love letters from two 1914 -15 Elgin high school seniors, Jeff and Dorothy (Dot). The letters talk about their lives - going to the "nickel movie show", riding in the "auto", dances, dating, a first kiss, and some disturbing references to impending WW I.

Additional local research led to finding a 1915 EHS yearbook that put faces to the long lost love letters. An amazing time capsule of an era long ago! And to Jeff and Dot, wherever you are, it has been a pleasure getting to know you! Click on, or tap the images for the full size views.

The child's bank found in an exterior old house roof soffit.

A watch key, 1893 Columbian Exposition coins, and other souvenir coins found in the bank.

Many folded love letters, and a lock of Dot's hair described in one of the letters all found in the bank.

A 1915 Elgin High School yearbook.

Jeff's senior class photo from the yearbook.

Dot's senior class photo from the yearbook.