Spring St. Bay Window

A 'before' photo of our Spring St. bay window restoration project. All of the original wood details from this circa 1890 bay window had been stripped off leaving only 'ghost' images of the former window trim elements.

The completed Spring St. bay window. All of the window details were handmade to duplicate the 'ghost' images as closely as possible.

Park St. Custom Window

A 'before' photo of our Park St. window restoration project. Apparently, at some time in the past, someone wanted to put in a door and chose to install it in half of an original circa 1890 double-window. As you can see by the framing and insulation, they changed their minds at least one more time and walled-off both the door and window from the interior.

The completed Park St. window restoration project. We removed the door and created a new custom-made operable double-window complete with sash-cords, pulleys, and counter-weights to match the original window."

Custom trim was created to match the existing window trim for our new Park St. double-window

State St. Mansion Window Cap Replacement

State St. Mansion window cap
replacement - before

State St. window cap replacement
making new caps

State St. window cap
replacement - after

Division St. Habitat for Humanity

Stained glass window repairs

Above and at right: Significant deterioration of this stained glass window necessitated major repairs.

The restored stained glass window complete with restored original stained glass, repaired window sash, window jamb, sill, and exterior trim.

Division St. Habitat for Humanity

New custom window caps

The original decorative window caps on this house were all
missing. This window was the only one on the whole house where the former window cap returned directly into the adjacent siding giving us an accurate"ghost" profile of the original cap.

From that one window, we developed this tracing of the "ghost" profile of the original window cap.

Our completed window cap design.

The new window cap on the one key window that gave us our "ghost" profile.

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