About Us

All Around Home Improvements is owned and operated by Scott Savel, an award-winning restoration contractor with expertise in management of historic residential projects specializing in custom carpentry.

Scott is a hands-on craftsman and manager on all projects, responsible for conducting estimates, writing contracts, setting budgets, schedule planning, purchasing, billing and managing employees and sub-contractors.

As a business specializing in historic restoration, we’ve worked on a variety of projects in and around the Elgin area, including:

  • Porches – We are known for our work on historic porches. We can repair or replace porch columns, railings, stairs, flooring, or skirting as necessary. We will repair what we can, and replace what we can't repair by creating custom parts as necessary.
  • Interior/exterior trim - We can repair or replace virtually any interior or exterior trim on an old house.
  • Plaster repair to walls and ceilings.
  • Framing - We can repair or replace any damaged wall, floor, or roof framing in your old house.
  • Garages or out buildings - We can repair or replace garages or out-buildings as necessary.
  • Painting - We would be happy to take smaller painting jobs; however, we sub-contract "whole-house" painting.
  • Kitchens/bathrooms/basements - We will take on any of these projects and are experienced at performing these jobs in old houses where custom design and custom fit are essential. Plumbing and electrical work on these types of jobs will be performed by trusted, licensed and insured sub-contractors.
  • Flooring - We will help you with repairs to your old hardwood flooring but we do not do floor re-finishing. Allow us to refer you to one of our trusted floor-refinishing sub-contractors. We do not install carpeting but again can help you with one of our trusted sub-contractors. We will perform small vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tile flooring jobs.
  • Roofing - We do not install or service any finish roofing materials; however, we can sub-contract that work.
Old window/door repairs - We can repair old window sashes, sills, casing, jambs, and related window trim including ornamental window caps or hoods. We also have a large supply of old window hardware including window sash locks, counter-weights, and pulleys for sash cord for repair of old double-hung windows with missing or broken hardware. We also repair stained glass windows.
  • Decks and fences - We would be happy to create a custom deck or fence that blends in with your old house.
  • Repair or replacement of wood siding, including clapboards or shingles.
Don’t see your project listed here? Give us a call at 847-468-0284 and we can talk about what All Around Home Improvements can do for you.
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