We are so pleased with your work on our front stairs and porch! It is not only extremely sturdy but also looks great! We have been so impressed by your attention to detail and skilled workmanship. We have already recommended you to some friends who need some work done on their older home. I am sure we will be calling in the near future for other repairs. Thanks again for your beautiful porch and stairs!

– S.G., Elgin

We are extremely pleased with the work you have done on our home. We have received numerous compliments on the window hoods and when the bay is painted, it will be fabulous! Your hard work, dedication to detail and creativity certainly shines through. Please feel free to use us as a reference and you are welcome to bring anyone by who may want to see it. Thank you again for everything. We really appreciate all that you have done to make our home more beautiful.

- T. H., Elgin

We tend not to say enough positive things about each other so when I hear something nice, I like to pass it along. At a recent Heritage Commission meeting, S.S. announced, “I wish all contractors could be like Scott Savel.” Your conscientiousness and workmanship are found in few contractors today. We appreciate it – keep going!

- D.M., Elgin

We were completely satisfied with the work Scott did on our house. We found him to be a person of high integrity, very knowledgeable, skilled in his work, prompt, neat and easy to work with. We would not hesitate to hire him again.

- L.V., Elgin

Without question, the most honest and talented contractor I have ever worked with, period. I would only hire All Around Home Improvements for carpentry work. They are amazing.

- S.S., Elgin

When our insurance adjustor was here, he was very impressed with your work on our garage. I hope you don’t mind that I gave him your business card. While he can’t give direct referrals, he said people often ask him if he knows a reliable person/business that they might contract.

- J.M., Elgin

Many, many thanks for all you’ve done for us! The bathroom is great – we’re very pleased. And thanks, too, for the extras – we appreciate all you’ve done for us.

- P.O. & J.D., Elgin

After “unveiling” our house in May of 2001, we were left with a mystery of the type of decorative trim which may have been originally installed on the house. The “ghosting” of the original woodwork guided us on the types of brackets, window hoods and molding that was used in the 1870s.

Since we wanted to keep with the original Italianate style, research began with similar homes in our area. Scott traced brackets from neighboring homes which we felt might have been used on our bay window. Between my wife and Scott Savel, a design for the entire architectural scheme was developed for the bay window along with the design of the window and door hoods.

Scott, using his vast knowledge of Elgin architecture and hands-on expertise, handcrafted all the brackets, hoods and small intricate details that have made our bay and rest of the house spectacular.

His willingness to experiment allowed us to come up with the best design and restore our home to the way it may have looked in the 19 th century.

Please consider Scott Savel of All Around Home Improvements for this year’s Mayor’s Award for Preservation.

- G. & T. H., Elgin
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