Douglas Ave. Interior Columns/Knee Walls

Antique salvaged knee-walls are altered and installed in this circa 1890 house to decorate the passageway between the parlor and foyer.

Columns and a decorative frieze are added to the knee-walls to complete the project.

Liberty St. Internal Gutter Project

Internal gutters, which are gutter troughs built inside a roof, were quite popular back when this circa 1890 house was built. They work quite well, that is until they start to leak and cause major deterioration as shown in these photos.

Roof soffit re-construction starts. Note the "notches"
in the upper edges of the new soffit joists - this will be where
the new copper internal gutter trough will be installed.

Each new soffit joist must differ approximately
1/4 inch from its neighbor in order to properly
slope the internal gutter so it drains correctly.
With the soffit framing replaced, the finish soffit boards and trim are installed - corners are the most difficult.

The new internal copper gutter trough installed in our new roof soffits

A lot of "air time" on the scaffolding for this project

The completed project. From the ground, all that is
visible are the downspouts - the internal gutters
are hidden inside the roof soffits

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